"One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.”

― Lewis Carroll author of Alice in Wonderland 


what the american school system teaches us

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Stunning Underwater Shipwreck Portraits Taken Off the Shores of Bali

Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong, who wowed us with his shockingly creative photos of a man on fire, is no stranger to epic concepts and photo shoots. His most recent adventure may have been one of his most ambitious yet: a large-scale shoot involving two models, seven divers, and an underwater shipwreck off the shores of Bali. The result is a series of breathtaking images depicting ethereal models exploring the sunken ruins of the 50-year-old shipwreck, their hair and gowns flowing gracefully in the currents of the ocean, as elegant and mysterious as sea nymphs or ancient goddesses.

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“I want to tear myself from this place, from this reality, rise up like a cloud and float away, melt into this humid summer night and dissolve somewhere far, over the hills. But I am here, my legs blocks of concrete, my lungs empty of air, my throat burning. There will be no floating away.”
—Khaled Hosseini (via elykei)

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“and with those eyes, you could have set the sky on fire, but you chose to burn me instead.”
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you know those people that can literally carry on a conversation with anyone are amazing like wow how do you do that

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“When was the last time someone ran their fingers through the knots of your soul?”
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#freezing #notahappycamper

#freezing #notahappycamper

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